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Shaping a Sustainable Future: Bilateral Solutions Participated in the EU-Australia Net-Zero Ministerial Forum
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Last week, Martine Joly, Managing Director from Bilateral Solutions, participated in the EU-Australia Ministerial Lunch & Industry Forum on the transition to Net-Zero. This significant event, co-hosted by the Swedish Australian Chamber of Commerce and the European Australian Business Council EABC, brought together key stakeholders from both continents and an expert panel of leaders to discuss the critical challenge of achieving energy and sustainable transition.

This was a unique opportunity to hear from European and Australian counterparts Kadri Simson, European Commissioner (Minister) for Energy, and Chris Bowen, MP Australian Minister for Climate Change and Energy, on their vision for enhancing EU-Australia cooperation to overcome the critical challenges and seize the the vast opportunities presented by the transition to a net-zero economy.

A glimpse into the EU-Australia Net-Zero Ministerial Forum with Chris Bowen and Kadri Simson.

Fostering Collaboration: Key to Achieving Net-Zero Goals

This ministerial gathering attracted a diverse audience, including senior representatives from European Australian Business Council members, European trade agencies, industry leaders, and companies. It provided a valuable platform for sharing insights and exploring collaborative pathways towards a sustainable future.

Discussions highlighted the immense scale of the transformation required, particularly in the energy sector. Estimates suggest Australia will need $1.9 trillion invested in energy alone to reach net-zero by 2050. The European Union faces an even steeper climb, requiring an estimated €1.5 trillion annually to meet its mid-century target.

Bilateral Solutions Actively Supports Local Net-Zero Leaders

Martine Joly’s participation in the forum underscores Bilateral Solutions’ commitment to following the dynamic evolution of new technologies in the context of energy and sustainable transition. Bilateral Solutions has been actively collaborating for years with key local players in crucial sectors like solar and wind farms, and hydrogen production, by providing substantial back office support and expertise.

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