Company Taxes

Bilateral Solutions Pty Ltd is a registered Tax Agent holding professional insurance for accounting and taxation services.

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Initial Registration Services

  • ABN – Australian Business Number
  • TFN – Tax File Number
  • GST – Good and Services Tax (federal)
  • PAYG – Pay As You Go (employer compulsory withhold from employees’ wages)
  • FBT – Fringe Benefit Tax (if benefit provided outside wages)
  • DGST – Deferred GST special scheme for importers of goods
  • SAP – Substituted Accounting Period to adjust for consolidation, the end of financial year with group dateline

Current declarations

  • BAS (Business Activity Statement) including: GST, repayment of PAYG withheld on wages and from dividends, interest or royalties paid overseas, Instalment for FBT and Company Income Tax …/…
  • Payroll Tax (in every State where employees are located) when required

Annual declarations

  • Company Tax Return
  • Losses Schedule
  • Dividends, Interest, Royalties’ Declaration
  • International Transactions Schedule
  • Certificate of withholding of taxes for interests, dividends and royalties to allow deduction by overseas entity

Specific controls

  • Benchmark test with ATO data provided for your activity
  • Transfer Pricing and International Transactions documentation
  • Application of International Double Treaty Agreements

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