Financial Reporting

Bilateral Solutions provides reporting to fit your legal requirements and your company management requirements at both local and international levels.

Home Financial Reporting


  • Budgeting and Forecasting
  • Cash Flow Forecast and Updates
  • Certified Bank Statements and Reconciliation
  • Asset Management and Depreciation for Accounting and Taxation
  • Accounting Standards Compliance (IFRS)
  • Preparation of Annual Financial Statements
  • Local representative for assistance during audit


  • Harmonisation of Chart of Accounts
  • Set up of Management Accounting in accordance with group reporting requirements
  • Inter-group current loans, Receivables and Payables accounts recorded in original currency
  • Reconciliation of Inter group accounts with others related group entities
  • Detailed schedules of Accruals for easy reprocessing at group level
  • Reports are prepared for your own group set up
  • Company and / or group timeframes always considered and tailored for reporting purposes
  • Reports available in various formats for manual or integrated solutions
  • Analysis of profit by project / job or item categories
  • Preparation for group consolidation