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Bilateral Solutions as a registered Tax Agent, offers an Online service to help meet your Tax obligations in Australia, all with the benefit of competence and security, offered by a professional adviser specialising in assisting overseas visitors.

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Time-frame – Australian Tax Return 2021-22 must be lodged from 01.07.2022 to 31.10.2022
Extension to lodge is available until 15.05.2023 if your register as client of a Tax Agent before the due date

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Who needs to lodge a Tax Return ?

  • Tax Residency Questions / Answers including a link for to the ATO self-determination tool
  • Income to be declared – Resident & Foreign Resident
  • Deductions allowed - Categories & Substantiation
  • Medicare Levy M1 & M2 – Taxation & Exemption Rules

Processing Online is Quick, Easy and without any need of specific knowledge in Australian Tax Laws & Regulations

  1. Reviewing your current situation with above links and information fact sheets – Free Service

  2. Click Here for submitting your application form

  3. You will receive a quote within 2 working days and a password to process your payment online by credit card

  4. Once your payment is approved, all documentation required must then be emailed to us

  5. You will receive a draft of your declaration for review, which is approved once you sign

  6. Following our electronic lodgement to the ATO, you will be informed of your Tax Assessment 2022 and simultaneously receive your Tax Refund by EFT directly to your bank account or if already left the country to our trust account

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    In submitting this form, you confirm that the information is a true representation of your taxation summary and further permit Bilateral Solutions Pty Ltd as a registered Tax Agent to confirm the validity of such information.

    Please note that when submitting online your Individual Tax Return, Bilateral Solutions assumes that your information is accurate. For further information, please visit the page of the Australian Taxation Office.