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Bilateral Solutions Pty Ltd ABN 81 101 771 742
1/575 Darling Street Rozelle 2039 NSW (“Bilateral Solutions”)

These Terms and Conditions

  • Bilateral Solutions provides online individual tax return services via its website (“Online Individual Tax Return Services”).
  • These terms and conditions apply when using the Online Individual Tax Return Services provided by Bilateral Solutions via the Bilateral Solutions’ Website (“Website”). The “Website” referred to in these Terms and Conditions is owned and operated by Bilateral Solutions Pty Ltd ABN 81 101 771 742 under the domain name ‘www.bilateralsolutions.com/’. These terms and conditions must be read in conjunction with the general terms and conditions governing the use of this Website (“General Terms and Conditions”). Please read these terms and conditions as well as the General Terms and Conditions before placing an order with Bilateral Solutions to receive our Online Individual Tax Return Services.
  • In using our Website for Online Individual Tax Return Services, you agree to be bound by (i) these terms and conditions; and (ii) the General Terms and Conditions. If you do not accept these terms and conditions and the General Terms and Conditions, you must refrain from using the Website. Your use of the Website constitutes your agreement to be bound by all such terms, conditions, and notices.
  • Registered as a registered tax agent, Bilateral Solutions provides the Online Individual Tax Return Services to help you to meet your tax obligations in Australia, all with the benefit of competence and security offered by a professional adviser specialising in assisting overseas visitors.
  • By registering with Bilateral Solutions’ Online Individual Tax Return Services, you can access at any time a range of tax services in a convenient and secure one place. This includes preparing your individual tax returns, which will be lodged on your behalf by Bilateral Solutions as your tax agent, provided the corresponding fee is paid and your tax return is signed, keeping track of super and updating your details.

Lodging your individual tax return


  • Incomes to be declared – resident and foreign resident. Make sure that you declare all your income. Most of the information about your income will be pre-filled from details the ATO receives from either your employer and/or financial institutions. Although there may be other income need to be added by you, the most common types of income that must be declared includes:
    • employment income/salary;
    • government payments;
    • super pensions and annuities;
    • investment income (that includes interest, dividends, rent and capital gains);
    • compensation and insurance payments.
  • Deductions allowed – Categories & Substantiation
    • Medicare Levy M1 & M2 – Taxation & Exemption Rules
  • Processing online via the Website is quick, easy and does not require specific knowledge in Australian Tax Laws and Regulations.

Submission of your application: When clicking for submitting to us your application form the processing steps are as follows:

  • You send your documents to Bilateral Solutions.
  • Bilateral Solutions responds to you by sending you a quote within 2 working days along with a personal login/password so you can proceed with the payment by credit card. Payment is to be made before lodgement of your individual tax return.
  • Once your payment is approved, all documentation required must then be emailed to Bilateral Solutions.
  • Bilateral Solutions sends you a draft tax return to be validated by you. If you are satisfied with the draft you need to sign the tax return before Bilateral Solutions electronically lodging it to ATO acting as your tax agent on your behalf.

Lodgement of your individual tax return

  • Upon (i) the provision of your completed online taxation documentation; and (ii) the payment of the fee being accepted, Bilateral Solutions will lodge your tax return with the Australian Taxation Office, and in doing so, apply the information you have provided in accordance with Income Tax Assessment Act 1936 or the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997.
  • Following our electronic lodgement to the ATO, you will be informed of your tax assessment for the relevant tax year and, as the case may be, simultaneously receive your tax refund by EFT directly to your bank account or if already left the country to our trust account. Written confirmation of Lodgement: Your tax return will not be deemed properly lodged until you receive a written confirmation from Bilateral that the Australian Taxation Office has accepted your tax return.

No Liability in the event that you provide Bilateral Solutions with inaccurate information

You authorise Bilateral Solutions to review your tax return and lodge it electronically based on the sole information provided by you and in accordance with the Income Tax Assessment Acts 1936 and 1997. Please note that Bilateral Solutions doesn’t accept any liability and responsibility arising from the provision of inaccurate information that you provide in your tax return. You consent to Bilateral Solutions to keep a scanned copy of your signed income tax return for Bilateral Solutions’ files. You agree to fully indemnify and hold harmless Bilateral Solutions, its officers and agents against all loss, liability, claims, damages and expenses suffered by Bilateral Solutions whether arising directly or indirectly from your use of the Website including the content that you have submitted in relation to the provision of the Online Individual Tax Return Services.

Fee and payment of the fee

  • Fee: You agree to pay the corresponding fee for the use of the Online Individual Tax Return Services provided to you by Bilateral Solutions via this Website. The amount of the fee in relation to the Online Individual Tax Return Service is displayed on the Website. Bilateral Solutions reserves its right to increase the fee at any time. The Online Individual Tax Return Services ordered by you will be invoiced to you at the price that was displayed on the Website at the time you ordered the said service.
  • Transactions: All transactions on this web site are processed in Australian Dollars (AUD).
  • Pricing Policy: All of our prices are in Australian Dollars (AUD) and include GST (Goods and Services Tax).
  • Refund Policy: Bilateral Solutions does not provide refunds.
  • Shipping and Delivery Policy: Services provided are delivered online via email.
  • Secure online credit card payment of the fee:
    • When paying Bilateral Solutions the fee relating to the Online Individual Tax Return Services, your financial details are passed through a secure server using the latest 128-bit SSL (secure sockets layer) encryption technology.128-bit SSL encryption is the current industry standard. If you have any questions regarding our security policy, please contact our office via email using contact@bilateralsolutions.com.
    • This website uses the Multibase ePay Payment Gateway, which processes online payments through the Camtech online payment service.
    • Your transaction will be forwarded to the ePay payment gateway. The payment details are then forwarded by the ePay payment gateway via an encrypted link to the Camtech online payment system for processing. The Camtech payment gateway then interfaces with your nominated clearing bank to clear the transaction.
    • Link to the bank: The Camtech payment gateway accepts credit card details from the ePay payment gateway, converts them to the Australian Banking Standard 2805F (ISO 8583) and forwards them to the bank for processing.
      The Link to the banking network is a dedicated private connection that is inaccessible by Internet users. The payment gateway also uses enhanced security features such as digital envelopes and content keys (1024 Bit RSA/IDEA).
    • Approval of the Transaction: Once the transaction has been approved, an encrypted response consisting of the transaction details and bank authorisation code is sent back to the Camtech payment gateway. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is used to encrypt the details between your web browser and the ePay payment gateway. The ePay gateway deciphers this message and forwards the transaction details to the web site for you to view. A receipt is also emailed to you to confirm a successful transaction. This entire process is typically completed within 6 to 15 seconds, making it the fastest real time Internet payment processing service in Australia.

Customer Service Policy


  • As a Tax Agent, Bilateral Solutions will be able to prepare your individual tax return in accordance with information provided by you as a client and taxpayer, in respect to the Tax Agent Legislation, Regulations, the Code of Professional Conduct and also the National Tax Agent Services Regime that was introduced in 2010 and is bringing a new consumer protection mechanism.
  • A Code of Professional Conduct governs the ethical and professional standards of Tax Agents. For more information, please connect to tpb.gov.au.
  • Bilateral Solutions reserves the right to refuse any client’s instruction which does not comply with professional ethic and behaviour.

Tax Agent Service

  • Our Tax Agent service therefore includes, but is not limited to (Section 90-5 of the Tax Agent Services Act 2009):
    • Preparing or lodging a tax return, notice, statement, application or other document about a taxpayer’s liabilities, obligations or entitlements under a taxation law;
    • Giving a taxpayer advice about a taxation law that the taxpayer can reasonably be expected to rely upon to satisfy their taxation obligations;
    • Dealing with the ATO on behalf of a taxpayer.
  • The tax agent services provided by Bilateral Solutions, which are in addition to the Online Individual Tax Return Service will be invoiced to you separately and in addition.

No accounting, financial or tax advice

You acknowledge that nothing contained within the content of this Website constitutes accounting or financial or tax advice.

Limit of Liability

The use by you of the Online Individual Tax Return Services via the Website and the online taxation payment facility is at your sole risk. Therefore, Bilateral Solutions does not guarantee error free or uninterrupted operation of the Website. To the extent permitted by law, Bilateral Solutions is not liable for any direct, indirect, consequential costs or other loss or damage incurred in anyway (including but not limited to that arising from negligence), in relation to the Website or with the submission of your tax return online using the Website whether your claim is based on breach of contract, breach of statute or tort (including negligence) by Bilateral Solutions, its employees, contractors or agents or any third party, or otherwise. Bilateral Solutions will not be liable in respect of any loss of general profit or other economic loss.

Links via the Website

The Website may provide links to third party’s websites and may sometimes provide information from these other websites on the Website. Websites or pages to which the Website is linked for your information only and have not been reviewed by Bilateral Solutions. Bilateral Solutions doesn’t accept any liability and responsibility arising from any reliance placed on any content of third party’s websites or pages linked or linking to the Website.

Intellectual property

Please refer to the General Terms and Conditions that are on the Website by clicking on ‘General Terms and Conditions’.

Security of the Website

You will not violate or attempt to violate the security of or hack into this Website, the Bilateral Solutions’ computer systems. Hacking means unauthorised access, malicious damage and/or interference. It includes mail bombing, propagating viruses, worms or other types of malicious programs, deliberate attempts to overload a computer system, broadcast attacks or any other method designed to damage or interfere with the operation of a computer system or website. Attempt to deliberately damage the Website maybe a violation of criminal and civil laws and should such an attempt be made, whether successful or not, Bilateral Solutions reserves the right to seek damages to the fullest extent permitted by law.


Your access of the Website constitutes acceptance of our Privacy Policy, which is available on this Website by clicking on ‘Privacy Policy’.