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Accueil Single Touch Payroll – Are you ready ?
Single Touch Payroll - Are you ready ?
By NQ Team in Company, Individual, Social, Taxation

When you will start reporting through Single Touch Payroll, you will send all your employees’ payroll and super information to the ATO directly from your payroll solution on every and each payday.

This is compulsory requirement from 1 July 2018 (if 20 employees) and 1 July 2019 for all employers
You need to check that your actual payroll software provider is STP compliant

ATO Penalties will occurs if not specifically exempt or differed before starting date

Please note:

  • If Bilateral Solutions manage your payroll, we inform you that we have already upgraded our own software solution to be fully STP compliant on your behalf.
  • This new facility will allow you as customer to entry in a brand-new era to manage and delegate other internal HR functions, few examples below:
  • direct data entries and update by employees of their own personal details
  • every employee will have their own private portal
  • pay slips will be deposit on their electronic box
  • these electronic private data will stay available for 42 months, even so after departure of your company
  • leave requests will be lodge on line and later review and, or not, accepted by nominated manager
  • all data can be split by cost center with multiple managers by sectors
  • and much more…/…