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Individual TFN, this is a Private Matter!
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A tax file number (TFN) is a unique lifetime’s number regardless of any personal changes.

You can choose not to request a TFN nevertheless if you don’t have a TFN, you will have taxes deducted at maximum rate from any income (wages, interests…), contributions to your superannuation fund (employer or salary sacrifice) and government benefits received.

How to apply for a TFN when in Australia?

If you are an Australian Citizen you can apply on ATO web site or in person at your Post Office.
If you are a new migrant or a temporary resident with any right to work, you can apply on line with your current passport.

How to apply for a TFN when outside Australia?

This will be relevant mainly if you are an overseas director or representative of an Australian entity.

This will be not required if you have already provided proof of identity to the tax office before.

Once the ATO has given this unique TFN, you need to be careful and provide it wisely!

ATO warning: “Your TFN is one of your most important forms of identification. It’s yours for life and keeping it secure is a good defence against identity theft”

This is everyone responsibility to secure the disclosure of their own TFN.

Who can ask for my TFN?

Click here for the ATO list of persons or organisations that are commonly authorised to request your TFN

Heavy penalties – including imprisonment – applied for any individual or organisation requesting a TFN without proper authority set up by tax law, super law or government agencies laws.